The Reason Behind Us

You got us! You really did. 

We confess- we were NOT trying to hide it from you. Why would we? After all, all we were doing was finding answers to your oh-so-difficult questions!

And believe us when we say this, we are your messengers. No, the Greek gods didn’t send us, the ‘Answers’ to your ‘Questions’ did. We promise, we won’t come across as blasé when you ask us “Why is Nutella so irresistible?”! Even when you come running to us seeking answer to your question “Why did Newton have his hair in a perm?”, we will not shoo you away! God Promise 😉

We are you; just a step ahead. We’ve our questions and we are on the journey to find answers to them. And thank heavens for making us these über-smart souls that we are for we succeed in hunting down the nasty reason behind it!

Enough with the self praise already. Hello! We are TEAM TRBI. And don’t you have an impression that we are your agony aunts, when you find yourself trapped in a ‘Tell me why’ situation!

Rather, we fancy being these undercover investigators – posing our own questions; hunting down the answers for the same. Needless to mention, we believe in philanthropy & well being of the human race, hence the blog! To find answers to your questions, and to pose questions, you never pondered upon. 😉

After all, isn’t life all about finding the reason behind it?